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Weekend Tinkering

I’ve been tinkering around today:

  1. I’ve installed the Crypt::DSA Perl module, so signing in using TypeKey should be marginally faster. I’ve also updated some of the other external modules that Movable Type uses in case they make speed improvements too.
  2. There’s some small backend improvements to the tagging system. I decided not to go with Six Apart’s official solution since it makes it difficult to have both tags and categories and I’m not about to turn my back on categories just yet. It basically makes every tag a category, which kind-of makes sense but doesn’t really suit me right now. That said, it would have meant that RSS and Atom feeds for each tag would have been available had I implemented it – they’re on my to-do list for my own code.
  3. I’ve re-jigged the Further Reading block. Originally this was the output of a Technorati API query to show entries on other blogs that had linked to that entry. It still is, but it also includes trackback pings. Furthermore, if you send a trackback ping and then Technorati finds your post as well, then the URL will only show up once – I put all the URLs into a PHP array and weed out the duplicates. This also means that trackback pings are now no longer included in with comments and no longer contain excerpts.

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