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Tabbed Browsing in IE6

Asa Dotzler has a review of the new MSN Search Toolbar, which adds tabbed browsing to Internet Explorer 6, meaning that IE users can finally experience the joys of tabbed browsing.
Asa is pretty negative about it in his review, but then he is a Mozilla developer and so you could accuse him of being biased. So I downloaded it myself. And, alas, Asa’s right – it does suck. Having the whole window refresh and the taskbar flicker every time you switch tabs is very annoying.
Let’s hope that IE7 improves on this. But for now, if you’re using IE and want proper tabbed browsing, Get Firefox (or Opera).
There’s more from Ed Bott, who, on the tabbed browsing front, seems to mostly agree. He likes the search tool, though.


  1. Of course, it’s not as if Firefox doesn’t have quite a few annoying problems with its tabs (focus stealing included).

  2. MSN Toolbar Add-On Gives Internet Explorer Tabs

    It’s about freaking time….

  3. Hasn’t tabbed browsing for IE been available for a while with pseudo-browsers like AvantBrowser? Is this just the first MS product to allow tabbed browsing in IE?

  4. Meredith: Yes, that’s correct. This is the first time IE itself has been able to have tabs.