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Geek Dinner Photos

Scoble speaking My Geek Dinner photos are up. These are just those from the dinner itself – there’s also some more general London photos which should be up tomorrow. Unfortunately I’m just too tired to go through the rest right now and I have yet another 8am start tomorrow. Yeah, it’s a hard life being a student…
The wiki has links to other blog posts by various attendees, along with a couple of podcasts which include Robert Scoble’s speech and Q&A session. Well worth a listen if you weren’t there in person.

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  1. Variety and Spice at the London Geek Dinner

    Last week I attended the London Geek Dinner hosted by Robert Scoble and Hugh Macleod. I must be the last one to blog about this as I'm a bit stretched for time right now. Anyhow, it was an awesome evening. Personally, it was the best social eve…