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Tab re-ordering

Being able to re-order tabs in Firefox by dragging and dropping them has, until now, required an extension like miniT or Tabbrowser Extensions. However, a patch has just been checked in that should bring this functionality to Deer Park Alpha 2. 🙂
Being able to re-order tabs is something that I find myself doing quite a bit – I tend to like having Bloglines on the left hand side, for example and so being able to drag it across can be quite useful.
Anyway, now I need to throw some clothes on and head for work, then potter on down to London. 🙂


  1. You know, the reordering of tabs is one of those things I never knew I really needed. I knew I was lacking something in my life, and this is it!
    I didn’t know there were extensions for this kind of thing, and I’ll make a beeline for them straight away. Personally I tend to keep as many tabs open as possible – people send me links while I’m working and I check them out later, etc – and so I max out and then crop back. When I see IE users and their new windows, its like – how did we ever cope with *that*?!

  2. Where is the reorder extension? I’ve had TabBrowser Prefs 1.2.5 for a while but that doesn’t appear to do it (unless I’m missing something). I used to use the brilliant avantbrowser which handles tabs superbly, so it would be great to get firefox to do the same.

  3. @resyk: MiniT can do that. You can find it at MiniT+ (scroll down that page) has the same indicator as the nightlies will have.

  4. @Gert-Paul: Brilliant.. surfed, installed, worked. Thanks for that.