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Geeked out

Me and Scoble
I’m back from the Geek Dinner. It was awesome – I got to meet several people, some of whom I knew already, others who I know but have never met in person, and some complete strangers too… There were over 200 of us, which meant that it was hard to talk to everyone and meant that I missed some people that I really wanted to chat to.
I’ll post more, including the rest of my photos, later today. It’s 20 past midnight and I have to be up at 8am, so I’ll bow out for now.


  1. Hi Neil, I missed talking to you. Are you going to the Seth G. Conference. Alistair

  2. Unfortunately not 🙁 . Can’t afford another overnight stay in London. If the next one’s in Leeds or Manchester I may be able to make it though 🙂 .