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Four pound fifty?

Bah. Holiday Inn Express offer Wifi in their rooms but it’s £4.50 an hour. Cheaper than some places but still a bit pricy. Oh well, I’ll have to grit my teeth.
Anyway, I’ve arrived in London and checked into the hotel – just putting my feet up and catching up with my emails before I head into the city and on to the dinner at 7. Transport has been fine, all the trains and tubes arrived on time and in fact I was at the hotel earlier than I expected. The room has a reasonably good view considering it’s in a somewhat less-developed area of Docklands – you can see the Millennium Dome from the window – and it’s pretty good for a basic hotel – AirCon, Wifi, satellite TV and whatnot. Although the movie guide for the TV is a little interesting
If you’re going to the geek dinner tonight, I’ll see you there. Otherwise, I’ll be updating here next time I have an internet connection, whenever that is.


  1. Too bad about the non-free WiFi. At the Holiday Inn Express I stayed at in Nashville, there was a free 10/100 ethernet connection in every room as well as free wifi in the lobby area.

  2. Lovely film menu… but the question is… did you watch any of the films on it?

  3. Free hotel wifi

    For the first time in a while, work patterns mean that I’m in a hotel for the week. It’s being made more bearable by the discovery that Radisson hotels offer free (as in beer) wifi.

  4. Better than they used to do – time was a year or so ago when Holiday Inn Expresses didn’t even have phone lines in the rooms…