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My blocked domains list

This is my list of blocked domains which will not appear as adverts on here. They’re mostly sites which offer rogue anti-spyware products or try to get you to pay for programs like LimeWire, Shareaza or eMule. Feel free to add the list to your Competitive Ad Filter in your Adsense settings if you have Google advertising on your own site. There’s 162 URLs on the list – Google limits you to 200 blocked URLs so you may have to trim the list if you already have some of your own entries on there.


  1. Thankyou very much for this list – I’ve long needed to put some blocking into some of the rubbish that comes through on my page, but… I’m just way too lazy. Thanks again!

  2. A quick bash script later and it turns out I’m already blocking 58 domains on your list on our web proxy – plus another 3415 domains, most of which are known to host spyware. If I wasn’t too lazy I’d put the remaining domains on your list into the right format for blocking with Squid.
    You know if everybody ran their computer off a live CD like me we wouldn’t have to do all this 🙂

  3. Cheers Neil – how did you work that list out? And Rich you must have a VERY fast computer if you can run off cd all the time. Its great for short sessions but not for 24/7 usage.

  4. Neil, I’m going to use your list on my AdSense account as well. Great job!

  5. thanks for the list. I will use them as well.