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Comment Leaders

Comment leaders, if you remember, is my occasional leaderboard of regular commenters. Here’s the top 20 – the total number of comments by each author is in brackets.

  1. Andy (219)
  2. Quanta (192)
  3. Richard (171)
  4. Richy C. (144)
  5. Trovster (114)
  6. Kim (104)
  7. Dave M. (93)
  8. MRKisThatKid (93)
  9. Mike Wills (82)
  10. Steve (76)
  11. Dave (75)
  12. Ciaran (66)
  13. Chris (64)
  14. Chris Romp (62)
  15. Jake Ortman (57)
  16. Dave2 (57)
  17. Muppetette (53)
  18. Hanni (52)
  19. Ken Edwards (50)
  20. Daisy (49)

The figures should be adjusted to take into account changes in email addresses and URLs. If it interests you, I’m a few comments shy of my 600th comment here, the 5000th comment was posted on May 14th, and 64 people have posted more than 10 comments here.



  2. Doesn’t 600 come before 5000?

  3. Does the above list include your comments, Neil?

  4. Looks like people can’t read the post. The top 20 is excluding Neil, but the blurb after mentions he has nearly 600 comments. LordRich… Neil’s comments = ~600, total comments >5000.
    Yey. I made the list.

  5. Wow, I’m on the list. I’m also the only person without a blog. I’ve long suspected that being blog-less puts me in the minority, and this has confirmed it to me. I think I just enjoy other people’s lives too much and have too little going on in my own.

  6. 5000 comments eh? I was surprised to see my 1000th one come in the other day. And on another irrelevant note, why is google advertising fart machines for this page?

  7. I have no idea about the fart machines, though I guess if we keep mentioning them they’ll reappear, or something.
    Trovster got it right – I myself have posted nearly 600 comments, and overall over 5000 comments have been posted.

  8. I’m right in the middle!
    And 5000 comments? Wow. I’ve got around 150 on my blog, heh.

  9. Looks like people can’t read the post.
    Well, I feel somewhat stupid. It *was* early when I wrote that, though.
    Am I right in assuming that the count of 5000 comments does not include spam?

  10. Yes, the 5000 only includes non-spam comments. Any spam is deleted.

  11. Yes – if spam was accounted the number would read 56 billion comments a day.

  12. how do you get your list of top commenters? Is it a plugin or are you counting by hand? just curious because it’s cool.