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Central Point of Failure

The National Rail Enquiries web site has been acting up all day. First it wouldn’t load up at all, eventually timing out; then it would say that it was unavailable due to high traffic, and now it tells you either that your browser isn’t accepting its cookies (when in fact it is) or that your session has timed out.
Unfortunately it’s difficult to just simply use another site because almost all of the sites offering train times use this site as a base, so they’re not working either.
Thankfully most offer the ‘raw’ timetables in either HTML or PDF so I’m using those for now. I need them for working out trains for Tuesday when I head off to London.


  1. I am glad someone else has noticed. I actually thought it was something wrong with my firewall when I first got the cookies error message on the Nation Rail site. I am glad some has noticed that The Train Line and all the others aren’t woking either and that the single point of failure has, well, failed.

  2. Geek Dinner!? Yeh. We’ll have to meet up. I’m driving to a outer-edge tube-station then getting the tube it. It was perfect for me last time.

  3. Oh good – it wasn’t deliberately blocking me from looking up how to get to a protest then.
    Actually the wymetro website seemed to be working fine for looking up trains within Yorkshire, I don’t know whether that was just a fluke – I do think it’s on a different database though because it often gets the route wrong.

  4. It does appear to be a different database, but then that’s probably because it also has other forms of transport in it.
    3 hours on and there’s still no fix for the problem.

  5. Phoning them didn’t do much good either – I got “sorry, our system is down”. Geez, you don’t say!