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A fox in deer’s clothing

Deer Park Alpha 1 About Screen Although I’ve shyed away from using the Firefox trunk builds of late, after being burned by regressions too many times, I’m now back onto the trunk with Deer Park.
Deer Park is the name given to Firefox 1.1 Alpha 1 to dissuade end users from upgrading to it, and it’s evident that not a lot of time was spent on the name change. The icon will be familiar to users of unofficial builds, such as moox’s optimised builds – it’s based on the original logo by Stephen DesRoches and Jon Hicks but without the burning fox. Any references to ‘Firefox’ or ‘Mozilla Firefox’ have been simply replaced with ‘Deer Park’ – I could only find one mention of ‘Firefox’ anywhere in the UI, which is in the about box, shown in the screenshot. The process is still called firefox.exe but that’s about it.
If you don’t mind running potentially unstable code, Deer Park is a worthwhile upgrade, although I would strongly recommend backing up your profile folder first so that you have something to fall back on if you do have problems. You’ll also find that, at least initially, a lot of extensions will not work. If that all sounds too scary, wait a month or two for Firefox 1.1 final.


  1. “I could not find any mention of ‘Firefox’ anywhere in the UI.”
    I can see one right there on the About screenshot. Does that count? 😛

  2. Erm, good point. Post corrected 🙂

  3. “I could only find one mention of ‘Firefox’” — being picky, but it’s mentioned twice on the box. hehe

  4. Alternatively, you could wait for the end-user preview named ‘Deer Park’. Just like the developer preview. D’oh.