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iPod Recycling Programme

At the risk of annoying Dave, who’s just bought a iPod Mini to replace his 2G iPod, Apple have announced an iPod recycling programme, whereby if you take your old iPod to an Apple Store in the US, Apple will recycle it free of charge and give you 10% off a new model (if you buy one on the same day). The old iPod will then be dismantled and recycled within the US, so that no hazardous chemicals, such as lead, are shipped overseas.
It’s a good move by Apple. On the one hand, they’re ensuring that unwanted iPods are disposed of and recycled properly, instead of being dumped on landfill sites. And at the same time, they’re encouraging users of old iPods to upgrade to newer models, thus bringing the company more revenue.
Let’s just hope that Apple extends this to other countries and that other manufacturers take a hint and adopt similar policies.


  1. Hmm, you say this as if they haven’t been forced into this position through all the negative publicity the protests have drawn over the last year.

  2. I already took advantage of the student discount so I doubt they’d give a double discount even if it were available on this side of the Atlantic! All the same I agree it’s a nice move on their part.
    I’m gonna try out that iPod Linux lark on my old iPod anyway, that’s far geekier than getting 10% off!

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  4. It sends your TypeKey email address to Gravatar, so you’ll need to have a Gravatar linked to your TypeKey email address.
    You can purchase a multiple email address feature at Gravatar for a one-off payment of $5, so you could add your TypeKey address to your existing Gravatar account.

  5. Ah problem solved, I didn’t realise there were two sign in options here. You can sign in, or you can sign in and send your email address!
    So should work from now on.

  6. And you should find that your Gravatar works with your previous comments now, too 🙂 .

  7. whats the betting they sell the “recyled” ipods on or whatever? Sounds like a good way to make some more money for apple.