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It’s here!

Side by Side Okay, after this I’ll hopefully shut up about the screen, because it arrived this morning (yay for ParcelForce delivering before 10am). It works fine, although I found that you really do have to follow the instructions by turning the computer off first, then turning the monitor on and then the computer on to get it to work – you can’t just plug it in and expect it to work. RTFM, as they say.
Having a 1280×1024 resolution is so much better than 1024×768 – the machines at the university use it, as does my parents machine at home – but I’ve had to put up with the latter as my laptop screen doesn’t support it (but then it is only 14″). The screen arrived with no dead pixels, which is good.
Oh, and it works with my PDA, as well 🙂 .
Update: Since I got a rather large birthday money cheque this morning, I’ve also treated myself to a Belkin wireless keyboard and optical mouse, thus meaning I finally have the luxury of a full-size keyboard. It’s USB and both PC and Mac compatible, which will be handy when I order the Mac Mini in a few weeks time.
My one problem now is a lack of desk space…


  1. Amazingly, my old old old 17″ monitor has no dead pixels either! Shocker.

  2. You know, 1280×1024 is the wrong ratio? That gives you 1.25 whereas 800×600 and 1024×768 gives you 1.33333 etc. You should be running 1280×960.

  3. True, but if 1280×1024 is its native resolution surely best to stick with that? Otherwise you’ll end up with some awful fuzziness as the screen tries to stretch 960 computer pixels over 1024 display pixels (or otherwise have letterbox top and bottom).
    Nice screen Neil, I’m deeply jealous 😛

  4. nice one, though my iMac still wins with 1680×1050 😀

  5. Glad to see you got it :-)! When I purchased my TFT it had dead pixels :-(. Returned it after a month of being screwed around and got the nice ViewSonic I have now 😀

  6. Looking good 🙂
    On another note: I tought the model nr sounded strangely familiar and indeed I have used this screen before (a customer has around a dozen of those babies)…

  7. Sven’s correct: the native ratio for the screen is 1280×1024. 1280×960 isn’t even an option, actually.

  8. “Native ratio”… so 800×600 and 1024×768 are both wrong? I have an option for both, and used to used 1280×1024, but it’s incorrect.

  9. They’re not wrong, it’s just that the OSD shows an error when it’s not at 1280×1024 to say that it’s not working at the optimum resolution. The options I have are 800×600, 1024×768 and 1280×1024.

  10. I also have my monitor (21″ CRT) at 1280×960, and occasionally 1600×1200 if an app is cumbersome (flicker hell).
    Is your TFT sized so that 1280×1024 is still 4:3? If I choose 1280×1024 the monitor puts black bars down the left and right so that the aspect ratio is corrected.
    If i remember rightly 1200×1024 was originally specified because it’s a binary multiple which, when computers were slooowwwww helped keep things efficient by allowing them to use bitwise calcs and all that jazz.

  11. Wireless – it’s not really wireless, is it? You’ve still got those damned little reciever boxes That you have to plug into the back of your computer 🙁

  12. I’ve got one dead pixel on my screen which is constantly red but is not really that noticable. doesn’t show up on that tft test web page, but then again in firefox the page doesn’t do full size and all the colour pages are grey.