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Ben & Jerry’s Pint Lock

Pint Lock This is a really cool idea – a locking device for tubs of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream to stop thieving housemates from helping themselves to it. I could have really done with one of these in halls – I was paranoid about buying a tub and leaving it in the freezer only to find it gone the next day.
Found via Boing Boing.


  1. Now you’d be out your pint AND your lock. =)

  2. But it’s rather vulnerable to a backdoor attack – a knife to the tub should bypass the lock in seconds. Though granted it would be rather more obvious than somebody taking an occaisional spoonful. It does also look like a combination lock, and lots of students are now quite expert on picking them – any new combination lock gets practiced on in our house and can usually be picked in seconds.
    Actually, when I was in halls a lock for milk bottles would have been more useful – not only to protect against other people drinking you milk but to make it clear which bottle is yours.

  3. My friend had an ingenious milk related idea in first year. Drink from the carton. It deters more people that you’d think.
    Another friend also spiked a tee total flatmate’s ribena with vodka. Tee total flatmate then drives home (unbeknown to us), thankfully doesn’t cause any accidents.
    Moral of the story?
    Students don’t just steal things, they spike them too.

  4. I never worried about anyone drinking MY milk (or beverage), I worried about them putting something IN it. Safety seals rock. =)

  5. A Very Useful Invention

    Sick of people digging into your Ben And Jerry’s pints of ice cream? Then just lock the buggers up. Granted the thing could be bypassed by a sharp knife, but…