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Some random things to blog about

Blog Ideas is a cool site that gives you some subject headings to blog about if your creative juices have dried up. Since I can’t think of anything particularly important to blog about right now – I was planning a post about the EU constitution and the vote in France but Richard pretty much echoed my thoughts exactly – here’s five random subjects that Blog Ideas suggested.

With your license to kill; who would be first?

Robert Kilroy-Silk, I think. I hate this man with a passion. Although I don’t think I’d really want to kill him, just pour some water over him in public or something.
No, wait, someone’s already done that. Okay, I’d pour manure over him.
No, wait, someone’s already done that as well. Hmmm. Might have to give this one more thought.

Have you ever seen a dead body?

Human, no. I do know people who have – one of my friends is studying medecine at university so she had the body of an old woman to work with for a while, for example. I’ve seen dead bodies of animals though, although I suppose most people have.

Grossest thing you have ever seen.

The partly-decomposed body of a red squirrel? It was a bit minging, lots of green stuff and maggots. Alas it was the only red squirrel I’ve seen in the wild.

TV shows you never miss.

Have I Got News For You is a must-watch when it’s on. I try to keep up with the new episodes of Family Guy and Doctor Who.

How big is your bed? Big enough?

It’s a normal-sized single bed – a double bed wouldn’t fit in this room. Well, it might but there wouldn’t be room for much else. I suppose it is big enough since there’s usually only me in it, but I’ll have a double bed when I move house in a few weeks time.

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  1. I suppose it is big enough since there‚Äôs usually only me in it. Correct me if I’m wrong Neil, but does this imply that you have had some lucky vixen in your bed from time to time this year? Was her name geraldine by any chance?