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Graduation photos are a ripoff

Since I’ll be hopefully graduating in less than 2 months time (yikes…) I’ve been ordering my gowns for the ceremony. At the same time, you’re also asked if you want to order photos for the ceremony. The ‘basic pack’ – one 10×8 portrait and two 5×4 portraits, is £26 (plus £4 P&P). Now either the photographers are using state-of-the-art equipment and super-premium quality processing, or they’re charging far more than they need to. The most expensive package, which includes a 12×10 framed portrait plus two 10×8, four 8×6 and two 10×8 of the family, costs a whopping £135.
I’ll go for the basic package since my relatives have all had studio photographs taken when they have graduated, and then use a scanner to create further copies (although the company still owns the copyright in the images… phftt…). But still, if that’s what the photographers can get away with charging then I’m probably following the wrong career path.

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