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A program like SamSpade

I have a program on my computer called SamSpade for Windows, which lets you do various discovery actions with web addresses. For example, pasting in an IP address will give you the hostname, and vice versa, and it supports domain and IP whois requests. You can also crawl web sites and pull out things like email addresses or a list of linked web addresses, analyse email headers, and browse sites with the HTTP headers.
It’s good, but the interface is pretty old and tired, and the program isn’t being updating anymore as far as I can tell. I’m sure this can’t be the only program of its type out there, so, if you know of an equivalent program I’d love to know about it.
Before someone points it out, I do know about which does do domain and IP whois, as well as checking of blacklists, but it only supports 6 TLDs.


  1. Personally I use SamSpade for Windows for most things, but DNS lookups I use a handy little free tool called Geektools (from ) which can be downloaded.

  2. I use from time to time and too.

    lots of love
    The Rock

  4. Why ever would you want to discover boring things like that…
    Can you tell what country i live in?

  5. You appear to be in Austria but your IP is an open proxy which means you could be coming from anywhere.
    And I think you just disproved your point.

  6. i’d second the choice for – use it all the time for work.

  7. WRONG!
    you’re gonna have to do better than that if you want to do well at that forensics course…
    lots of love
    mr x

  8. As I said, you’re using open proxies so I can’t say for sure where you’re coming from, short of gaining access to the computers in question and finding out or contacting the ISPs of the proxies.
    And as for your comment about forensics, it’s a bit harsh to say that I won’t do well when I haven’t even started the course yet.