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Screening near me, soon

The TFT screen is on order 🙂 . I went for the Viewsonic VX715, which won due to its good response time (16ms), good brand reliability and the inclusion of a DVI input. Thanks to Steve for the recommendation.
I bought it from Dabs who had it at the same price as Insight (the store which Steve linked to), but the delivery charge was only just over a fiver instead of the £11 that Insight were charging. More importantly, I was able to specify a different delivery address to my billing address – this is important as otherwise the screen would get delivered to my parents’ house back in York, which would mean me having to go home and being there to collect it, and then having to cart it back to Bradford on the train. I also trust Dabs a bit more having bought from them twice before with good experiences on both occasions.
The only downer with buying from Dabs is that the delivery will be slower since they were out of stock, however apparently some should be available this week so I should have it soon.
On a totally unrelated note, I currently have a torrent downloading with an expected completion time of mid-July (44 days). The only seeder has become disconnected so there’s a whole load of peers (like me) stuck at 93.7%.


    I am however thrilled about the news of your torrent, it was touch and go there for a while, i’m glad its all sorting itself out.
    The Rock

  2. I’ve had a lot of torrents like that. For instance (and dare I say this…do lot of people read this?) I’m currently trying to download the Star Wars Holiday Special, which apparently lucas has tried to have wiped from existence for being so embarrassing and with information like that how can you resist? But the only torrent i could find with a connectible tracker has no seeders as such. I’ve had it queued for over 3 weeks but somehow it does occasionally trickle up. Currently there are 27 peers all at 59.1% lmao. wish me luck!
    That panel looks pretty sweet! Be sure to give us a thorough review when you get it.

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  6. I find that stuff with Torrents not finishing is happening far far less since the distributed network in Azureus has started up.

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  10. Glad I could help out Neil – hope you enjoy your TFT 🙂
    On an unrelated note: what’s up with the comments from ‘THE ROCK’ and ‘boris’? Immature friends or something?

  11. I have no idea. ‘THE ROCK’ is using a Brazillian hostname with a Uruguay GeoIP, and Boris is using an NTL connection in Birmingham. Neither of them appear to be open proxies.