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Bizarre searches

I’ve had someone come here today searching for “son watched mother screw dog” on Google; one of my pages is #7 for that phrase.
I’m also third for ‘boobies’ of you restrict searches to just UK sites, and fifth for ‘family guy porn’. I also seem to rank highly for ‘annoying celebs’, ‘dead horse picture’ and ‘paris hilton having sex’.


  1. I’d say scary rather than bizarre.

  2. well stop putting the ‘keywords’ on your site in a bid to try and get further up google’s ranking system then.
    it’s rather obvious that you did it last week to earn a bit of extra cash while a certain video was circulating…

  3. Oh really? Funny that, I actually implemented keywords, or tags as I prefer to call them, to create better taxonomy here. And also they were implemented some weeks before that video started circulating.

  4. Maybe it’s just my crude and twisted side but “son watched mother screw dog” – Haha! Excellent… keep up the good work 🙂

  5. Hmmm… I’ve been trying to figure out if “tags” and “keywords” are two separate things, or different names for the same thing. I use the keywords field to hold variables, and have been afraid to implement tags thinking it might overwrite the information in the “keywords” field.

  6. mr_x: As far as I’m aware, Neil had the “Is this the way to armadillo” title weeks before the video even began circulating.

  7. And now your site will rank just that much higher for those keywords! =)
    You sure you don’t have a secret porn site here somewhere?

  8. yeah not the keywords listed at the top as such, but just the regular text and use of quotation marks/hyperlinks
    eg. with that video – why even make a post to say you haven’t got it, if you don’t want the extra hits. by doing so it only creates even more traffic…

  9. I made the post because I was getting swamped by people searching for it on the internal search thinking it was here. If anything by doing so I was getting rid of traffic by telling people the video wasn’t here instead of having them looking through lots of old unrelated entries trying to find it.
    Surprisingly enough, I don’t blog just to get traffic and therefore advertising revenue. I’ve only had advertising on here since November last year and I’d like to think my writing style hasn’t changed in the time since.