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Big Brother 6

The 6th season of Big Brother started last night. With my somewhat restricted access to TV (of which I’ll have to put up with for one more month until I move house), it means I won’t be able to watch it habitually this time around, but I did download last night’s opener and the first installment of Big Brother’s Little Brother (which is usually much better than the actual show).
First impression? Please, please let Kemal win – he just seems awesome. ‘Science’ makes me laugh as well and Derek comes across as a black gay Boris Johnson, which can’t be a bad thing, can it? Anthony and especially Craig deserve early evictions though.
The girls seem okay although Lesley scares me (that nurses outfit… hmmm…). Sam seems cool, Mary needs a serious reality injection and I think Makosi might grow on me as the series progresses.
I think it will be an interesting series. Unlike last year I can see myself liking several of the housemates, which is cool.


  1. Big Brother 6: Return of the Stereotypes

    Despite loathing Big Brother, I watched the opening night yesterday evening. It seems they always manage to fill the house with the extreme stereotypes that people seem to deny actually exist. This year, however, they’ve completely outdone thems…

  2. I too am overcome with ecstasy at the return of Davina and her offspring known as the big brother collective. However whilst also being an avid fan, i do have some small niggles with your analysis, commentary and interaction with the aforementioned show. Whilst you predicament of a lack of “tv access” is dire and unfortunate, i cannot condone downloading either the show or its spinoff “little brother”. Though the show is a highlight of english culture and encapsulates everything that is good about the new media of our age, I feel you have taken fanaticism to an inescapable embarassing low. As great as I can imagine it is for you watching the show, I feel your commentary on each contestant lacks weight with the very fact that you feel the need to comment on your website. A catch 22 if you will. I did find it rather amusing that you endorsed Kamal as “awesome”, as i wasn’t aware that you were a california surf dude. How are the rest of the Saved by the Bell krew by the way? What on earth makes you think that being a black Boris Johnson can’t be abad thing. I would be of the opinion that it was a categorically “bad thing”, and I think if you look it up in the bible, dictionary, q’uran, phonebook or whatever other point of reference you use, you will find the very same opinion. It is GREAT news though that you find that, unlike last year, you may learn to love some of the housemates. I’m certain they’ll be chuffed at your adulation, when your mum gets round to showing them your website. However, never the pessimist I have been transformed by my experience of your website, from being of a casual indifferent perspective on the big brother phenomenon, to believing it to be the greatest sin that T.V has ever thrown at us. Many Thanks for your comments, keep up the good work

  3. Indeed… that’s you told Neil. Hehe! Dear o dear 😛

  4. I think Kamal is a c*nt. The knob head went into the house in a dress, the cross-dressing P*ki.
    I do agree with you though and Science is cool, very intelligent I think. Derek is a god and he and Mary are going to get together, I swear it!
    How a woman in a PVC nurse’s outfit scares you I really can’t work out. I think we all secretly knew you were homosexual anyway, so no big shocker there!
    I think Mary is going to get a lot of crap about the abductions and aliens but how do we really know she is not telling the truth? Is it really Mary who needs the reality check?

  5. > I think we all secretly knew you were homosexual anyway, so no big shocker there!
    I am not homosexual. I may be quite camp but I do not feel attracted to other men. Otherwise I’d probably agree with you.

  6. What is Little Brother? I’ve seen it on the torrents before but never really knew what it was.

  7. It’s basically a magazine show that reports on the events of the previous 24 hours and has interviews with friends and relatives, phone-ins and chats with celebrities and people from the media.

  8. Science is so cute !!!!!!!
    He’s the best.

  9. I don’t like science! Kemal to win! all the way!

  10. And to the small minded ignorant racist
    who posted further up…Tommo Burrows
    Kemal is British of Egyptian parentage.
    Not from Pakistan.
    But then in your small world of intimidate
    what you don’t understand you wouldn’t understand
    would you.
    Racist prick

  11. Thank u very much @ antihate.
    Although kemal is actually British from turkish origins.
    What type of a world do we live in where the word “P A K I” is still used to undermine people’s origins. As a British Asian i sometimes question the intelligence of my fellow citizens when they use such terms to put people down.
    As for kemal, he is definatley eccentric and not my cup of tea, none the less he is a human being and should be regarded as an equal.
    further more, does anyone know what racist comments were said by certain housemates? apart from the the subliminal (tommo burrows, u’ll probabley need a dictionary to help explain the previous word) comments? if so let me know.
    Ps. @ Tommo burrows: U need to get a life (and probabley a job) u sad, malicious, pathetic excuse for a human being!