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Bulleted lists are the future

  • Went to Leeds today to have lunch with my parents; we went to Bibi’s like in November. I didn’t really do any shopping but I did have my camera with me. Photos on their way soon.
  • While I was there, I got the rest of my birthday presents:
    • 2 shirts (both shades of pale blue)
    • a grey t-shirt
    • a signed copy of Tony Robinson’s The Worst Jobs In History
    • a tie
    • a pair of cufflinks
  • I also picked up my credit card, which I activated today (at around 4:55pm – just to really annoy the guy at the other end expecting a quick getaway at 5pm on a Friday). Will be useful for buying my TFT screen since it’ll be over £100 and qualify for extra payment insurance – the main reason why I got the card in the first place. My initial credit limit is £500 which is fine for now.
  • A few days ago I ordered the special edition of Forever Faithless, Faithless’ Greatest Hits album, which arrived this morning. It’s the limited edition digipack. I’ve always liked Faithless so there was no question of me getting this even if I didn’t buy it immediately after it came out.
  • In news that will have various people from work walking around with a spring in their step, Bradford is now the second-best university in the country for graduate employment behind Cambridge. We were 7th last year, and this year we’re the only institution in the top 10 that is in the north of England; the rest are in the south or in Scotland.
  • The university has also come to its senses and finally provided concrete slabs on The Ampitheatre so that in summer students can have barbecues without burning the grass. Having a summer barbecue on a warm day is a student tradition here and every year several more rectangular burn marks appear in the grass. Although I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before some drunk students try to steal the slabs.
  • Tonight I’ll be tidying my room, since I can’t see my floor right now, and then debating going out. Since the exam period started today there’s not much really going on and I don’t know if I can actually be bothered.
  • It’s a pity user signups at UKNova are turned off (there’s a 3000 user limit and new accounts only become available when someone else gets deleted) because there’s some pretty good stuff on there right now – the complete 1993 series of Have I Got News For You, featuring Caroline Quentin (the then Mrs Paul Merton) and Rt Hon Tub of Lard MP, and a complete series of The Now Show from last year. There’s also the current series of Doctor Who and Doctor Who Confidential.
  • This offer from makes me sick. I paid £130 for something like that 2 years ago, and they’re selling it for £18. But then that’s technology for you, I suppose.


  1. I luv uknova to bits but damn i just noticed they recently celebrated their first birthday and i didn’t realise. ‘Cos i have just the torrents page bookmarked i miss all the news. Silly me.
    It’s a shame that they don’t at least allow users to invite friends, number of times i’ve IM’d someone to say you’ve got to watch so-and-so and they haven’t been able to join uknova and download it.

  2. I can relate to the memory stick/audio player. Exactly the same for me. 128MB, around £120. Oh well, I’ve got my iPod now, so it only gets used as a flash drive. I might, however, give that to my parents and get myself a larger one. They’re cheap enough.