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Taken a hint

NO2ID - Stop ID cards and the database state Sometimes it can be a while before I have an opinion on something. The proposed legislation that would introduce ID cards in the UK has been an issue where I’ve been somewhat neutral for a long time – I’d fall into the category of people who just see it as another form of ID on top of my current NUS, university, Prove-It and British Rail ID cards, although I was concerned about the costs of it being introduced.
But as I’ve read more, especially from newspapers, about how it probably isn’t going to make a whole lot of difference and will cost us as individuals and as taxpayers a lot of money, I’ve pretty much decided that they’re a bad idea. There’s several other issues with them that I don’t think have been looked into in sufficient detail as well.
Therefore, I’ve signed the petition against their introduction.

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  1. I read in the paper today that ID cards will help passport control tell whether or not it’s a real passport. Hmm, if I remember correctly my passport has a machine readable (OCR) code at the bottom of the bio-data/photopage and that code looks like it’s unique to myself (it’s got my name and Date of birth encoded there). Why not just, when the passport is “scanned” at Passport Control, connect with the Passport office database and pull up details of the passport (including photo submitted when the passport was applied for). If the photo on the screen doesn’t match the person standing in front (or the physical passport), it’s fake…
    Ok, it won’t stop illegal immigrants with foreign fake passports, but neither will the ID cards.