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Random Exotic Name Generator

A friend of mine is expecting a baby any day soon, and as I had a bit of free time I decided to create a random exotic name generator. It is pretty random; although it is intelligent enough to create words that are somewhat pronouncable most will still look like gibberish.
Alas, it won’t yet generate the ultimate exotic name: Frogmella.


  1. Here is your randomly-generated exotic name:
    Hahahhaha. That one is so perfect, you can just imagine if they have scotish relations, ‘ack i’ll just have a word with wee Wi’.

  2. Nice going. 😀 Not to discourage you, but there’s another name generator I use quite often (well, relatively speaking) at . You can also select different styles, or even create your own template.
    How does your name generator generate the names?

  3. It proposed:
    Very exotic. I guess half the english speaking world calls his mum “Ma”. 🙂

  4. Frogmella? It’s almost worth procreating just to use that name. Excellent.

  5. Ciaran: It’s pretty basic. It chooses a random length, then chooses whether to start with a vowel or a consonant and then chooses vowels and consonants in turn.
    I’m planning something more complex though.

  6. Xuqoyahuxowu – how, pray tell, do I prnounce that?!
    I’ve always wanted the initial X though…

  7. Frogmella? Isn’t that Wayne and Waynettes kid or was it Waynes and Naomi Campbells?