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Post-birthday notes

  • It’s the morning afternoon after the night before, and I’m actually feeling okay. I did drink a lot (by my standards) last night – mostly Southern Comfort, which, had I drank neat, would have seen me consume half a bottle of the stuff. I am somewhat hungover but I’ve been much, much worse than this before having consumed less, so, yay.
  • I went into town today to put a birthday money cheque into my account at the bank. This is the first time I’ve had to put any cheque in for about 2 months now; normally I have my Google AdSense cheque and rent from my parents to pay in, however thanks to Google introducing EFT and my parents embracing the joys of online banking the money now comes through electronically.
  • On the subject of money, now that I’m 21, I get access to a savings account that my grandmother has been keeping for me. I’m not quite sure how much is in there but it’s not an insignificant amount of money. I don’t need it desperately so I’m probably going to bung it into an ISA for a year or so to amass some interest.
  • There’s a surprisingly high number of Liverpool supporters in Bradford, as I found out last night. Trust me to have a birthday that co-incides with one of the most gripping cup finals ever. Well done to Liverpool by the way.
  • I haven’t yet got all of my presents yet, but so far I’ve had a box of Celebrations from work, a blue drinking t-shirt from my parents and some birthday money. And money to buy the TFT screen which I’ll be ordering next week.
  • And now I’m off to the pub for a much-needed cool, caffeinated, non-alcoholic beverage.


  1. Just a tip: whilst you’re still a student [and thus, presumably, a non-tax-payer], don’t limit yourself to ISAs. Any savings account will accrue interest tax-free, and you might find some that offer higher rates than ISAs; additionally, there generally won’t be a £3,000 limit on paying-in.

  2. It’s a nice idea but alas I probably will earn enough in this tax year to have to pay income tax 🙁 . I do have a 4.9% AER interest online savings account but I’ve forgotten the password for it…

  3. Liverpool supporters (or those for any team, for that matter) will always crawl out of the woodwork with a sniff of success….
    Hope you had a good day, btw 😀