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TFT Screen recommendations

I’d like recommendations for TFT screens. Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • £150-£190 price range.
  • Preferably with built-in speakers but not a necessity and they don’t have to be particularly good.
  • DVI input a bonus, but then I’ve yet to see any TFT screen below £200 with this.
  • Would like a reasonably good response time – 25ms max.

I’m not necessarily after specific models but would like an idea about what makes to look for. Apparently Iiyama, ViewSonic and Relisys are good.
If you’re an interested, the screen will be my main 21st birthday present. My birthday is tomorrow – I probably won’t be able to post much since I’m at work most of the day and then out celebrating.


  1. I love LG panels and only buy those for myself, there are a lot of fine panels out there though…and you can get some quite good deals on brands like Acer, etc (i.e. 19″ TFT 189,99 squid, free shipping)…just have a look around and look for reviews once you’ve found a model that caught your eye 😉

  2. If you manage to win the lottery anytime soon, and since you’re planning on getting a mac anyway, the new iMacs come with very nice screens. This 20″ widescreen model I’m on here still rocks me, and makes my 5 year old CRT’s image next to it look decidedly weak and dull by comparison

  3. …and happy 21st!

  4. Happy birthday 🙂

  5. The Samsung SyncMaster 710N-2 is great ; it is a
    17″ analog LCD monitor with a 12ms response time
    The cost is around $250 US
    Happy 21st!
    Dev T

  6. I was looking for a 17″ monitor with similar specs and at the same price and I failed to find one.
    I ended up spending £250 on the ViewSonic VP171s: 12ms, 1 DVI and 2 Analog inputs. Although it doesn’t come with speakers.
    Here’s a ViewSonic with 16ms response time, 1 DVI and 1 Analog input, 17″ at £176.24.

  7. Heh, typo in my last comment. The monitor I ended up going for actually had a response time of 8ms 🙂
    Silly me.

  8. Happy 21st Neil. Oh a TFT, I want one!

  9. Happy birthday 🙂
    Nice TFT!

  10. Happy Birthday hope you get your monitor:
    Aria have some on special offer – worth a look –

  11. Happy Birthday! (no opinion on the TFT Q, I’m still using CRTs) 🙂

  12. I got a tft with the new computer – a norwood micro, $180 after rebates. Aria often has cheap ones. Ideally you need to see one though to ensure that they look ok. Some of the plastic bases are pretty flimsy. One we looked at would fall over every time you walked past it and created a breeze.

  13. Well I don’t know much about tft’s so all I can say is that I’m happy with the 19″ one which was bought for me as a leaving present a year ago. It’s a CTX and I’m told it’s guaranteed against a single pixel failing, the speakers are ok for listening to voicemail (just) but a cheap pair of speakers puts it to shame. Its fairly expensive though – the firm who gave it me now use a much cheaper make and I haven’t heard any complaints.
    The cheap ones on Aria recently were tempting – a dualhead 19″ tft setup would be awesome!
    Oh and happy birthday – I’m now feeling rather old.