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Microsoft Word Viewer 2003

Microsoft Word Viewer 2003 is a pretty useful application to have if you’re a Windows user who doesn’t have Microsoft Office, like me, for instance. Although I like, it takes a long time to load up, whereas this loads very quickly and is fine for viewing and printing Word documents that I often get as email attachments.
It’s also got support for printing multiple pages on one sheet, something which my printer driver does not natively support. Before I would have to export a PDF with the pages printed side-by-side and then print that, but this makes it somewhat easier, and means I save on paper.
There are also viewers for Excel and PowerPoint, though the latter just displays the presentation in slideshow mode.


  1. It also saves on licensing fees vs a full-blown copy of Office. I set up an old machine in an office reception with the powerpoint viewer once, it loads a powerpoint presentation on startup – no interaction needed and we could transfer the Office license to new computer.

  2. About time they updated from the Office 97 based viewer program!