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Wet Day in Manchester

Outside the Triangle So as I mentioned earlier I was in Manchester yesterday – here’s the Flickr photoset of my photos. The centre of Manchester is quite interesting as it’s a fusion of well-preserved Victorian buildings with some very nice modern architecture. Much of this is actually because of a terrorist attack by the IRA on June 15th 1996, where a van packed with explosives detonated, devastating many of the buildings nearby. A warning of the attack was received just over an hour before and although many people were evacuated, over 200 were injured, mainly by falling glass. Thankfully no-one was killed, but it has taken several years for the city to rebuild itself since the attack. More at Wikipedia and The BBC.
As I said previously, it was a very wet day, a pity as it was very sunny when I left Bradford, although it appears I brought the rain home with me as it was pouring down when I came back.

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  1. Manchester is nearly always wet. 🙂 Although I think it adds a nice touch to the buildings when they’re slightly damp on the outside, I feel it highlights them in a way you don’t get when the sun is out and everything is dry.