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A series of random things:

  • Went to Manchester yesterday to do a spot of shopping – didn’t really buy much but it was nice to get out of Bradford for once. Unfortunately it was raining quite heavily most of the time but I did get some nice photos which I’ll be Flickrising shortly.
  • Last night’s Doctor Who was excellent – can’t wait for the second part. It was written by Steven Moffat, writer of the sitcom Coupling. I’ve enjoyed the whole series so far but this one was one of the best.
  • Today is a lazy day since I feel like I need one and for once I have no coursework to do. Yay!
  • That said, as well as some Flickr uploads, I have to update to the latest milestone, and probably some other stuff to do.
  • I nipped into the local supermarket today, mainly to stock up on loo roll since we’re totally out of it. Strangely, toilet roll is next to pan scourers. I wouldn’t like to get those mixed up.
  • I’ve bought Paul McFedries Word Spy: The Word Lover’s Guide to Modern Culture and Mark Frauenfelder’s The World’s Worst from Amazon. Only had time to read the first few pages of both but they seem interesting. The first one is about new words that have entered the English language recently (like ‘frankenfoods’, ‘multi-task’, ‘hella’ to name but a few), and the latter, written by one of the contributors to Boing Boing, is about “the most disgusting, hideous, inept, and dangerous people, places and things on earth”, such as the chicken who managed to live for 18 months after being beheaded and the maddest ‘mad scientist’.

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