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Greasemonkeying around

Perhaps surprisingly it’s taken me up until today to get around to installing Greasemonkey for Firefox. That’s mostly because I’ve been using nightly builds which are based on a somewhat improved rendering engine which has issues with Greasemonkey, however I’m now back to 1.0.4 which works fine.
The best script I’ve found so far is Spell Check, which as well as adding a ‘live preview’ below text boxes (which is HTML aware) also uses the Google API to check the spelling of what you type and underline typos in red. It does noticeably increase Firefox’s CPU usage though and seems a little sluggish.
I’m also using Jesse Ruderman’s AutoLink script, which is quite handy is it converts things like unlinked web and email addresses into links with an orange underline. My only real concern is that if you then click on a link it sends the referer of the linking page (like a normal link would) – there have been occasions when I’ve not wanted to link to a site specifically so that it doesn’t show up in referers and this would break that, but personally I feel that it does improve the user experience.
Interestingly the next version of Firefox will have backend support for user stylesheets that apply to specific sites, allowing users to customise how sites appear and have the customisations persist over sessions. An example is a site that I regularly visit which has green-on-black text, which doesn’t display well on some of the screens I use at university (since people regularly change the settings) – I could have a stylesheet that made the text white and a larger font, for example. It’s already possible with Greasemonkey but this will add another method, and I’m sure someone will create an extension that will streamline the process for end users.
Incidentally, the words ‘Greasemonkey’, ‘stylesheets’, ‘customise’ and ‘customisations’ were all marked as typos in this post.

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  1. I can’t greasemonkey working in DPA1, anyone else?