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After the deluge

The numbers of people looking for the armadillo video is finally subsiding – I’m almost back down to normal traffic figures. For May as a whole, of all referrals made to the site from search engines, almost 19% were for that video. I’m only two-thirds into the month and the bandwidth usage is at 8.5GB, which is typical for a whole month.
On to the good news: I’ll be reactivating the search function in a couple of days, and I’ve also made quite a bit of extra money out of it through increased Google AdSense earnings. On Monday I made $12 USD, and I’ve had a couple of $10 days since – the normal average is about $5. I could well hit $200 this month, which would be most welcome.


  1. Why not use the Google Search function instead of the internal MT one? Works pretty well in my experience, and it’s an opportunity for you to pick up a little more AdSense income if people click sponsored links from their search.

  2. I thought you werent allowed to discuss Google Adsense earnings as mentioned in their Terms Of Use.

  3. I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to give accurate representations of your earnings, but you can’t give specific breakdown figures such as CTR or eCPM.

  4. That used to be the case; Google have changed their conditions. You can now mention your earnings.
    (Chris got there first)