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Bit of an anti-climax

The last lecture of my degree was, erm, cancelled. Bit a dull end to it all, really, particularly as I got out of bed especially for it.

Last night I also finished my last piece of coursework which I mentioned earlier in the week, so other than a couple of demonstrations and one exam, I’m pretty much done now 🙂 . It’s a huge weight off my shoulders, that’s for sure.

My exam isn’t for another two weeks, so I’ve got plenty of time to read up about advanced features of SQL and object databases. Fun.


  1. The entire end of my degree has been a bit of an anti-climax, really. Having just finished my last exam, and last demonstration at Uni, its hard to believe that after 4 years its finished. Now I just need to wait until the 1st of July to graduate 🙁

  2. Doesn’t nearing the end of full-time education feel great though, regardless of how much of an anti-climax the actual end is.
    Good luck in your demonstrations and exam.