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I’m getting a steady stream of copies of (what I believe is) the Mytob virus. They come in emails with subject lines like:

  • “*IMPORTANT* Your Account Has Been Locked”
  • “Your email account access is restricted”
  • “Notice:***Your email account will be suspended***”
  • “Notice: **Last Warning**”

The body asks you to view the message in the attachment, which is an infected zip file.
They all seem to be coming from the same infected computer, but are being sent via their ISP’s mail server, which incidentally is Energis. I’m getting at least one of these every couple of minutes.


  1. As I posted, its tempting to use the backdoor to shut the machine down. Incidentally, why isn’t the irc server shutdown by the authorities?

  2. Oh, is that what that is? I’ve been getting so many false bounces (despite having recently listed my SPF record recently) from spammers that I assumed those subject lines were connected to the bounces. Ah well, I use the Gmail web interface, I’m not scared of them. 🙂