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This is not the way to armadillo

For all the people searching for “armadillo” and “is this the way to armadillo”, I do not have the MoD spoof video here. Sorry.
You can, however, view a clip of the video here at the BBC.
And here are some links for users of P2P clients:

Shareaza users should use the magnet link, then right-click the download, choose ‘Advanced’ and then ‘Advanced Edit’ and then paste ‘e769686b98647d3418fc8a0ee2fb898b’ in the ED2K box, click ‘OK’ and then right-click again and select ‘Find More Sources’. You may find, however, that Shareaza does this for you anyway.
Internal search is down for now because it’s making the server slow and I don’t want to incur the wrath of my hosting company.


  1. Anyone have a link to this – as it sounds a hoot.

  2. Is that the song from “Phoenix Nights”? (Pardon me, I’m American.)

  3. I work for the MoD and I am gutted that I have not yet been able to access this video clip. Ah well they do like to spoil our fun by putting blockers on the good stuff

  4. got back from work, had the song in my head all day so i had to do a search for it by every means i could think of, and for those who use emule or another p2p that supports ed2k links you can find it here.
    ed2k link
    ive not completed the file myself, but the file size is correct (52mb) to what the media says about it

  5. I’ve got the full video hosted – see – mmmm check out those bandwidth graphs!

  6. i was looking at this amarillo stuff, and thought i could offer this, bit long i know but its real!
    1.Start at London Heathrow Airport.
    2.Catch flight from London Heathrow to Dallas Fort Worth Airport.
    3.Hire car at Dallas Fort Worth Airport.
    4.Start going toward the “Airport Exit” on “International Parkway South”
    – follow for 0.2 miles.
    5.Bear left onto the highway toward “Terminal East Parking” – follow for
    0.3 miles
    6.Bear left onto “International Parkway North” toward “North Airport
    Exit” – follow for 2.9 miles
    7.Take the “Highway 114 west” exit toward “Fort Worth” – follow for 29.2
    8.Then continue on “US 287 north” – follow for 91.1 miles
    9.”US 287 north” becomes “Interstate-44 east” – follow for 0.7 miles
    10.Take left fork onto “US-287 north” toward “Vernon” – follow for 104.0 miles
    11.”US 287 north” becomes “Avenue F (US-287)” – follow for 2.8 miles
    12.Continue to follow “US 287 north”! – follow for 104.9 miles
    13.Take left ramp onto “Interstate 40 west” toward “Dumas” – follow for 7.8 miles
    14.Take “E xit 70” onto “US 60 east” toward “Dumas” – follow for 0.5miles 15.Take the “Buchanan Street” exit toward “Dumas/Pampa” -follow for 1.7 miles
    16.Turn right onto “Old Route 66 (Interstate 40)” – follow for 0.1miles
    17.Arrive at the centre of town.
    and buy a postcard saying greetings from amarillo, cos youre there!