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The Demonstration

Bradford MPH Demo III I’m back from the demonstration in Bradford (well, actually it finished before 2pm but I’ve been doing coursework). It was reasonably successful – we didn’t get the 300-or-so people necessary to get right around the town hall but we did have enough to get around Centenary Square, or at least the bit outside the town hall. I think around 150 people turned up in the end, and this was despite the fact that it was cold and raining.
It was a good bit of fun and great to see lots of different people coming together – local Christian and Muslim leaders, the Deputy Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayoress, a couple of Bradford Bulls players and their team mascot, and around 40 students from the university. The local press were also there.
My photos from today are in this Flickr photoset – there’s not many but then it wasn’t a particularly long demonstration anyway. There’s more general MPH photos in the Make Poverty History Pool.


  1. I went up town to buy another make poverty history band coz the other one I got has no way of attaching itself. Oh well.

    The demonstration should be about this website! Some nut case of a woman wants to clone her cat! Shall I bother helping with the donations?

  3. Hey I checked out that site. It’s really funny! HAHAHA. That story of how her cat died. I laughed all the way through it. My girlfriend thought I was cruel. The silly girl even donated a dollar!
    I rekkon she’ll get the money though. There’s a real buzz around her site at uni. But then again, they are all soft idiots at uni.