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Pocket Apps

There are three apps I could really do with right now for my Dell Axim:

  1. A blogging client. Either an application or a simple web page that can post using either the Blogger or Metaweblog APIs or the Atom Publishing Protocol, which would allow me to update this site while on the move. The Movable Type admin pages do not work well on the version of Internet Explorer on here, and alas Opera only works on Windows Mobile Smartphone and Minimo isn’t yet ready for primetime on these devices. I’m just after something that can let me post entries, nothing too fancy – as I said, a basic web page would be good.
  2. An FTP app. The version of IE also doesn’t have FTP, and it would be nice to be able to up- or download documents to it.
  3. Something that allows me to upload to Flickr. Again, browser upload isn’t supported. The only way I can send a photo across is by emailing each photo individually as an attachment.

If anyone knows of any apps that fulfil these functions and that will run on Windows Mobile Edition 2005, please let me know.


  1. There is a blogging tool for Pocket PCs but i have yet to get it to work. Its a small program called PocketBlog. I believe the site is Good luck with it.

  2. sharpMT works great on my dell.