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Oh great. Now that we have the Blog-o-Matic, we no longer need real human bloggers – we can let the computers generate our blogs for us! Here’s an example of an entry:

I thought of Farming

Sometimes I wonder no matter what cards you are dealt, you need to make peace on earth. How is this related to Farming, you may ask? OK. This morning life was a little more peaceful. Whatever. So that’s that. Yeah, but it wasn’t at all your typical mood swing or anything. I dreamt of satan himself. And here’s why this matters…

Hmmm. Maybe we’re not out of the job just yet, then.

One Comment

  1. It’s still rather usefull though. Google likes sites which update regularly, so therefore you have blog-o-matic posting entries on keyword-rich topics. Before too long you’ll have a site with a decent Page Rank and acceptable number of visitors for absolutely no effort. If you’ve picked a good domain to go with your auto-generated site then you’ll be able to sell it on ebay for a decent profit.