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Damn you, MPAA

The MPAA have filed lawsuits against 6 BitTorrent sites, including BTEfnet which I use for the new series of Family Guy and American Dad. The site has already gone down.
Great. Now how am I supposed to watch these shows? It’s not like they’re broadcast on TV over here…
Before you start the lecture about how I’m advocating piracy and denying the producers of these shows a decent living, can I just point out that I already own the first 3 DVDs of Family Guy and will happily by the 4th when it comes out. I’d just like to be able to view some of the episodes first, if that’s not too much trouble.


  1. I see no difference between tvrips and vhs copies or dvr copies. I alreay pay too much for cableTV, the process of downloading tvrips just makes my life easier. Now I don’t have to record anything myself someone else is kind enough to record, encode and strip commercials out for me.
    Personally I think these people are performing a service that helps the marketability of these series(especially in other countries), similar to the fansubs for anime that are floating around the net.

  2. MPAA sues television torrent sites

    So, after the previous spate of lawsuits against torrent sites that host movies, the MPAA has turned its attention to TV torrent sites. Their press release is one of the most amusing pieces of propoganda I’ve ever read:
    In its ongoing effort to…

  3. Goddammit. This is turning into a really shite week. I have a cold, Malcolm “the (insert random expletive)” Glazer is taking over my club and now they’re stopping me from getting the new Family Guy episodes. ArrrrrgghhhhH!!!!

  4. I wish there was a torrent site that would only handle shows ripped from off the tv and not put up shows from DVD box sets etc. I doubt they’d be able to do much to them since they are essentially VCRs or PVDs.

  5. I used BTEfnet a lot too, since I did TiVo many of the shows, but many others I preferred to watch in HDTV and couldn’t get them over-the-air.
    Has anyone found a good replacement yet? I’d imagine many are laying low for awhile, so I guess it’s back to IRC for me! :-/

  6. UKNova will only cap shows that haven’t had a dvd release scheduled, and they remove shows as soon as a dvd is announced.
    Dunno about now but earlier on today (about 3:30pm gmt according to my blog entry, i must be tired i could have sworn it was the morning) this was being auto-announced on their irc channel..

    [Request] Message:[The #BT Website is currently down. Releases are on hold, possibly for the entire night, until we have a better understanding of the current situation. We have NOT been sued! Please be patient and do not PM the ops. We will keep you guys updated.] – SysReset 2.53

    I’ve got the feeling that the MPAA have hijacked the domain or forced the organisation its registered with to hand it to them. So keep an eye on their IRC channel, it might pop up again under a different domain.
    Also, if you’re desperate, a lot of shows are posted on usenet and that shady place will never be touched by the long arm of the law… they’ve never managed it in the past. The Newzbin folks nicely catalogue it too.

  7. Speaking of fansubs, what’s interesting is they’re perfectly legal (I think, but IANAL) in the country until someone signs distribution rights to the series in that country.
    So if the show hasn’t aired in your country yet, does that make this legal? Splitting hairs, here, but the MPAA will always win.
    So if a site did NOT share movie content, only TV content, would the MPAA have any jurisdiction?

  8. Btefnet’s site was mainly TVrips, they normally only posted stuff that was recently seen on TV so it wouldn’t even be on DVD yet.
    When it comes to fansubs they aren’t really legal it’s more of a grey area. Fansubs of anime are normally watched and left alone until a deal is signed outside of Japan. The production companies over there understand that the fansub community helps them market outside the normally marked borders.
    There are a few sites that haven’t yet gotten hit yet but I don’t want to spam Neil’s site with possibly shady BT sites.

  9. To make matters worst -I have seen new DVD’s that cant be ripped – Regarding the comment to torrent sites, under the patriot act ISPs are forced to give up lists of users and the MPAA wants to go after them too. Makes you sick when you cant even copy your own stuff.