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Around 15 months after switching to IcyBlue, I’m afraid I’ve got bored of it. There are also a few issues with IE which I’m unsure how to fix, and so instead of messing around with it I’m dumping it and switching to something else.
Since IcyBlue uses the same tag structure as Kubrick, and that Kubrick works well in a wide range of browsers, I’m using a design based on that. There will be much tweaking over the next few days I’m sure (like a smaller header) but I’m already liking the change. Apologies in advance for any bugs that surface in the transition.


  1. Wohhh, major change. Nice, but it’ll take some getting used to!

  2. I like the template as well. However, you might need to put a “clear: both” CSS style in your Gravatar icon code, as it looks like there are problems in the comments above. 🙂

  3. Though, the staggered look is interesting to say the least…

  4. I’ve seen a great multitude of Kubrick-based designs recently, but they seem to all have their own distinct flavor–yours is most definately no exception. I like!

  5. Woah! Looking good. The only problem with Kubrick is there’s so much CSS – and I can’t figure out what half of it does!

  6. Yeh, the comments definitely look screwy. Also the italic titles are difficult to read, for me. How about using an extension to change the title to your Flickr images, that looks cool.

  7. riddle me this,
    riddle me that,
    change the site back neil,
    or ill poo on your cat

  8. I’ve sorted out the Gravatars, and made a few other adjustments. The ‘TypeKey Users’ block looks a bit ugly now, I’ll need to decide what to do with it.
    Glad to see most people like it though 🙂
    The Riddler: I don’t have a cat…