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Firefox 1.0.4 is out

Firefox 1.0.4 is out, localisations available here though not all languages are up yet. As well as fixing the huge security flaw I mentioned earlier this week, there are a couple of other security issues fixed, as well as a fix for a DHTML regression which should increase performance on some DHTML pages by 15%. A full unofficial changelog is here.
You will need to download the full package again this time; binary patches will come in the Firefox 1.1x cycle in the summer.


  1. DHTML as in gmail? Or am I confused?

  2. Ben, I don’t think you’re confused.
    Also a nice implementation of DHTML (or AJAX – are those the same thing?):

  3. Firefox 1.0.4

    Firefox 1.0.4 is out, patching the recent “major” security flaws. If you’re a Firfox user, GO GET IT (seriously)! More info at Neil’s. And while you’re waiting for it to download, waste some time at ^_^…

  4. I’m not entirely convinced that the recent security vulnerability is all that bad, but a 15% increase on DHTML rendering speed does appeal to the optimisation freak in me and anything new appeals to the bleeding-edge freak in me – so I’m busy compiling the new version now.
    Hopefully the portable edition will be updated soon too.