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Since my host was offering .info domains at a specially reduced rate of £2, I bought No real idea what to do with it but I suppose could be used for something in future. was already taken.


  1. .biz and .info are notorious for being spam havens. I know at least SpamAssassin has a rule for .biz and .info URLs appearing in emails. It’s a low scoring one, of course, but still.

  2. So I’m aware. I have MT-Blacklist to moderate any non-TypeKey comment mentioning a .info or .biz domain, actually.

  3. I’ve even seen some websites go so far as to recommending blocking all emails from .biz domains.
    .biz are popular with spammers because they’re cheap, DNS updates are almost instant and relatively few are already registerred compared to .coms.
    .info domains have been on special offer for a while now. Hence the rising amount of spam on those domains.
    For a proper business, you still can’t beat a good .com
    It might be nice to make available at – it’d make for some good free subdomains.