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Bradford Make Poverty History Demonstration

Normally I’d leave this sort of thing up to Richard, but anyway…
On Monday 16th May (that’s this coming Monday), the Bradford Make Poverty History campaign is creating a ‘human wristband’ around Bradford Town Hall in Centenary Square. We need around 300-or-so people to all turn up wearing white t-shirts (that’s the important bit) at around 1pm. The local press should be there and hopefully it will send a powerful message to politicans that the British people want to see the end to world poverty. Similar events are happening around the country so if you’re not local to Bradford you may find that somewhere closer to home is doing something like this.
If you’re at the university, meet outside the J.B. Priestley Library at 12:30pm with your white t-shirt.


  1. Even if the politicians receive this powerful message, it’s not clear to me what the white-t-shirt-wearers expect them to do about it. How, exactly, are they being asked to end world poverty?

  2. After hearing the initial call-out for help on this weeks ago I haven’t heard anything recently. It’s a good publicity stunt, even if it isn’t going to make any real difference.
    I’ll hopefully see you all down there.

  3. Harry: The web site explains what we want. We basically want ‘trade justice’, i.e. fairer trade with disadvantaged countries, the writing off of debts owed by these countries to banks and more aid to be given to the people of the countries. They will give the countries and its people more money to be able to help themselves out of poverty.
    Rich: Posters have been going up around the university as of yesterday. We should hopefully get enough people but the more people who know about it the better.

  4. The campaign will send a message to politicians which is good – but we need to think more about how we live in response to this issue – as long as we in the developed world go on expecting more and more and expecting our politicians to deliver it – there will be little or no change. We mustn’t demand that politicians square the circle.

  5. There’s a good discussion of the Bradford event going on here.