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iTunes 4.8

iTunes 4.8 is out. Mac OS X users will probably find it a useful update as it adds support for copying calendars and contacts to your iPod (as opposed to using iSync). Under both Windows and Mac OS X it adds “new Music Store features” but I’ve yet to work out what those are. It does still play music that has been bought from the iTunes Music Store but has then been de-authorised by tools like JHymn, but the update may or may not stop JHymn working on newer files – I haven’t had chance to check.
Coupled with QuickTime 7 still not being made available to Windows users, altogether 4.8 is a pretty dull update if you’re not a Mac user, which is probably why Apple haven’t made much of a song and dance about its release.
Update: Here’s what’s actually new in the release. The big things seem to be support for video playback, support for the new iTunes stores and the ability to download videos that are included with alnbum purchases from the store. Interesting.
Could this mean that Apple is a step closer to creating a Video iPod?


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  2. Neil, Ive just tried to post a comment and it doesnt seem to appear. Do you have any suggestions as to what the problem could be?

  3. Very minor update. I hope this means iTunes 5 is right around the corner!