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The Importance of TypeKey

I’ve rejigged the comments area so that TypeKey has a slightly greater prominence. I’d like to see a few more people using TypeKey as it offers both you and me advantages:
It’s better for you because, once your account is approved, you can post comments without them being blocked for mentioning spam words or for using an anonymous proxy. In future I may enforce moderation for all non-TypeKey comments again so by using the service you’ll be ensuring that your comments show up immediately.
It’s better for me because once I’ve approved your account I don’t have to approve individual comments that may have been moderated because of a false-positive in my spam filters. Banning users is also easier, as is stopping abusive users from posting here in the first place.
There have been accusations that email addresses linked to TypeKey accounts get more spam, but I believe this to be unfounded – it may be that those people have used their accounts on sites which make no attempt to mask users’ email addresses which have then been picked up by spam crawlers. This site, on the other hand, does not ever make your address public, as per the newly-created Email Policy.
Some sites insist on TypeKey as the only method of commenting. I’m not about to do that any time soon as far too few of you use the service right now, but if I do have to apply more draconian limits to unregistered comments then TypeKey users will be able to avoid them.


  1. The biggest problem with Typekey is that Firefox doesn’t autofill the sign in form on their website.
    Even more of a nuisance is that Typekey doesn’t seem to stay “enabled” over multiple websites, so you end up having to re-sign in on that bloody form again.
    Out of interest, what does “Remember Me” do when you commenting having signed in using Typekey?

  2. Weird. Firefox autofills the form for me, always has done.
    ‘Remember Me’ just remembers the URL you typed in.

  3. I’m not a fan of registering for anything, hence why I usually use BugMeNot and dodgeit to avoid registration.
    If TypeKey became mandatory, I’d simply stop commenting – I just don’t think that a centralized sign-up system is the solution to spam problems. I’d go as far as saying it’s an invasion of privacy.

  4. It also helps if you can remember what your TypeKey login name is, so you don’t end up forget that you have signed up, sign up again using a different username because the one you wanted is already in use (by you), then accidentally using the first account when trying to comment on someone’s blog and have to be approved again.
    Which I did here a few days ago. Sorry Neil! 🙁
    I’ve effectively killed the other account now, I wish there was a “DELETE ACCOUNT” option in TypeKey though.

  5. Just testing to see if I have all the TypeKey stuff set up right. I should see a little comment bubble right?

  6. OK I seem to be signed in now. Looks like you have it set to moderate the first comment. Just letting you know that the page you get sent to on your first Typekey comment isn’t styled properly. The font is slightly wrong I think and the sidebar doesn’t float on the right!
    Minor, but I thought you’d want to know!

  7. I’m sorry Neil, I got burned by them back not long after they started up and I’m never going to use them again. I only used it to comment on your site here, and started receiving spam messages from the e-mail address I created for them within 2 weeks. I don’t know where the leak was, but they were not very helpful in tracking down where the leak may have came from. In fact, they were rather rude about the whole thing, acting as if it were my fault that the email address leaked out.
    I take extream care in giving out email addresses. I make sure that when I post an email address, that the address is properly protected on the comments page so that it won’t get out.
    The email I am using now is strictly for Gravatar. I have yet to see spam come in, and I have been using the address almost exclusivly for about 3 months now.
    It’s a pity that you don’t use WordPress for your blog with Spam Karma installed. I have had huge success with comment spam being blocked by SK and very few false-positives. (One so far)

  8. I’ve always had a Typekey account, I just haven’t used it much. I’ll try and use it more often.
    (And yes, I’ve signed up for Gravatar too with both my Typekey and non-Typekey email addresses, so, yay.)