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Blog Torrent

citroenadvertparody.jpg I’ve stuck a Blog Torrent tracker up over here to see what it’s like. There’s only one file on there right now – an amusing parody of a recent Citroen advert – but you’re welcome to give it a spin. Right now the tracker is private in that only I can upload files but if someone needs it for something I can give them access. Nothing illegal though.
Blog Torrent is pretty easy to setup, although I had a couple of problems getting the optional MySQL support to work and when adding torrents it does seem to work best with its own client rather than a program like Azureus.


  1. Hey Neil,
    I just stumbled across your site whilst trying to do some research for my university project, and have found it very good. How do you find the time to be gather so much useful information, coupled with witty banter? I find your website helps the grinds and monotony of daily life, and would like to try to build one myself. However I don’t have the technical skills, is there any tips you could give me on how to get started in the blogging business?

  2. Sorry, my email is playing up, is there any way you could reply on your website? I’m terribly sorry, but i think my account has too many emails in it or something, have you ever had that happen? Today I have been learning about the internet, and how to find certain sites using something called google. It’s very good, and I have also learned how to download programs. There is a site called which has everything!