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My father has bought himself a one of these. I am so jealous right now.
On a slightly related note, over the next few days I’ll be adding more of my Barbados photos to Flickr. These are from back in 2000 and were taken on a normal compact film camera before being digitised using a film scanner.


  1. Grrr… I volunteer to steal it from him, that way you want be jealous of your dad and I get a shiny new camera!

  2. Wow! He must be into his photography.

  3. He is, although he also has a greater income than I do 🙂 . He’s probably partly to blame for my interest in photography.

  4. Damn. I’m in need of a new digital camera as mine is dying. I got into photography a little after a module on my university course and using a SLR camera. Previous to that I’d just used point-and-click camera. I’d love to get a digital-SLR, even if it was on the lower end of the market. Being able to control aperture size and focus would make me take more photos because the output is so much better and artistic.

  5. What film scanner are you using? Have you done it yourself or did you find a service to convert them? I’m interested in doing the same thing for the raft of hardcopy images I have, but wary of the time it would take…

  6. Maybe he will trade it to me for some, umm, err, maybe he will just give it to me?
    I an also super jealous as well.

  7. I had them done “professionally” and put onto Kodak Picture CD. I say “professionally” because some of the pictures are slightly cut-off at the edges.