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Going anonymous

There are times when I’d like a bit of extra anonymity when browsing particular sites, especially as PlusNet puts their customers’ usernames in their hostnames. For times like these, an anonymous proxy server can help your chances.
SamAir is a good source of servers, listing lots of addresses in different countries. It’s best to choose one in a country close to you, and even then I would not recommend using those on the first few pages as they’re more popular and therefore more likely to go down. To make the process easier I use a small free program called Multiproxy which lets you add multiple proxy servers to it. It checks all the servers to see if they’re working, and then will distribute your browsing across those that do. Having a big list of servers is a good idea as if one goes down, the program will switch to another.
You will find that your browsing may be somewhat slower, and certainly more limited – some proxy servers block you from making POST requests, for example, and some sites refuse access to anonymous proxies for fear of spam problems (indeed commenting on blogs may become difficult). But for anonymous browsing of specific sites it’s pretty handy.
MultiProxy does come with a built-in list of servers with more available from its web site, but this list hasn’t been updated in a very long time and the servers no longer work, so you will need to provide your own server details.
You can use sites like IP Chicken and to verify that the proxy server is working correctly – if it is, a different IP address will be shown.


  1. I find Tor is rather good. I use it for all my anonymity and port-blocking-evasion (but mostly the latter). As it’s P2P it’s never down and you get a different IP every time (which means sometimes freenode blocks you and sometimes they don’t).

  2. You can get it changed to be, if you want by raising a Contact Us ticket and following a path which is vaguley similar to:

    • Technical Support
      • Static IP / rDNS
        • Change my rDNS