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Firefox on steroids

Bloody hell… I’m using the latest nightly of Firefox which includes the “bfcache” patch and after following these instructions moving backwards and forwards between web pages just got a whole lot faster. It’s pretty damn impressive actually – clicking ‘Back’ is now like changing tabs – the page changes instantaneously. Hopefully this will be stable enough to be on by default in Firefox 1.1.
Note that certain extensions will break this build of Firefox, like Web Developer Toolbar, so if you’re not an idiot like me who doesn’t mind major feature breakage you may want to wait a few days.
Chase’s blog has a very nice theme, incidentally 🙂 .


  1. Am I seeing double?

  2. I tried this on three seperate times (removing profile, safe mode etc) but all the builds crash for me. I just guess I’ll have to wait until it (hopefully) makes the final cut in the next release, looks like it could be of great use!