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As predicted

So it looks like Tony Blair will be our prime minister for a third successive term, with Labour only needing another 60 seats or so at time of writing. Bradford West stuck with Labour with the Greens in last behind the BNP – thankfully the Labour candidate won by a reasonable majority so I won’t feel bad about not voting tactically. Labour also held City of York, and Nick Griffin came fourth in Keighley which also stayed with Labour. The BNP will keep their deposits in a few seats but in a number of areas have polled quite badly, which is good 🙂 .


  1. Blair has got back in.

  2. All rather boring really, no big surprises and not at all like American elections.
    However, most of us did our bit and went out and voted – and that’s the important thing, that we take part in this democracy.
    Good to see Labour’s majority reduced though – not that it’s likely to change anything.

  3. I disagree with LordRich: The much smaller Labour majority means that there’s a good chance that we’ll get a better Parlimentary session with better laws as a result.

  4. How depressingly boring. I’m disappointed with the libdems performance too, ah well.
    As expected the libdems took our ward with the tories second though strangely both of their majorities are down from last year and just to buck the national trend and show that we are insane, labour actually had a bigger slice of the votes than last year, albeit just by 0.2% lol
    Our Green candidate didn’t do toooo badly coming 4th with 3.3% of the vote. Though i wouldn’t say it’s anything to write home about.

  5. Well it wasn’t really a suprise was it! However, our area have swung from Labour to Conservative. Dammit, I was gonna vote Labour, tactically, but couldn’t! Oh well, one vote wouldn’t have changed that!
    A friend and I were discussing the reduced majority, which was inevitable. If there is a less majority we came to the conclusion laws might just get stuck, because one group might oppose it.