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5 Hours to go

  • Polling StationIf you’ve not already voted, you have 5 hours to do so. I voted this morning.
  • If you’re a non-Brit, you may be interested that votes cast in the country are still done by using a pencil to put a cross on a piece of paper, which is then put in a box and counted by hand after the polls close. It’s a bit slow but otherwise it seems to work well.
  • Over lunch I was chatting with a friend who volunteers for the St John Ambulance about the election. Apparently most of the police forces in West Yorkshire have had all leave cancelled, and the SJA are on standby, in case of rioting following a BNP win in the county.
  • Word is that Marsha Singh will retain Bradford West for Labour but that there has been considerable defection to other parties, as well as a lot of postal vote fraud, again 🙁 . We should know the result at about 1:30am tomorrow morning – it’s quite a big constituency so the count may take a while.
  • My overall result prediction: Labour will win with the Tories in second and LibDems in third. Labour will have lost seats to the LibDems and other parties with the Tories making no real gains. George Galloway will take Bethnal Green and Bow.


  1. Exactly why I didn’t use my vote via postal. I’d rather not have a vote than it being highjacked.

  2. The acting preciding officer on duty when I went to vote was extremely paranoid about the people manning the station doing anything wrong. But then they didn’t check for any form of ID like they did last time. They had a community officer standing outside the polling station when I went to vote.
    There’s no way I’m staying up tonight to find out who gets in. I’ll watch Euronews whilst having breakfast tomorrow morning before heading off to work. If the BNP win then walking through Maningham tomorrow morning will be interesting.