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Who are you going to vote for?

There’s now only 36 hours until the polls close at 10pm tomorrow. If you have a vote, please use it and use it wisely. I’ll be using mine.
Which brings me onto which party to vote for. You can probably guess that I tend to sympathise with the Liberal Democrats, but, all issues considered, this year my vote will be a Green vote. I doubt they have any chance of winning this constiuency but I’d rather vote for the party whose policies I agree with the most.
So, who are you guys voting for? And will you be voting at all?
(Note: Please keep the comments civil – no personal attacks or flames)


  1. LibDems. Usually i’ve been apathetic to the libs and it has just been a tactical vote to block the tories, and i felt the same when electioneering started this year. But after all the cat-fighting and blair lies i’m now thinking actually yes, it’s the right vote. Also, i think Charles Kennedy has been a lot more of a confident speaker this year and has actually managed to convey some interesting ideas, previous years he’s just stumbled and come across as someone who would falter in government. So this year i’m voting lib dem for merit and not just convenience.

  2. Already voted by post, and Lib Dem it is. I agree more with their policies than anyone else (standing in my contiuency, we had Labour, Tories and UKIP as the other options…)

  3. This is tricky, and my wife and I are often discussing it. I am of the opinion that you should vote for the best local MP for you; my wife considers the overall picture and views things tactically.
    The local Labour party managed to deselect our MP Jane Griffiths, and the new candidate is Tony Page, who was been a councillor for 30 years. Now Tony is a great guy and is always responsive as a councillor. However I have very strong objections to the war, the reasons for war, the lying and all of that. Tony has told us that if had been involved he would have gone for the second UN resolution, which eased our hearts somewhat. But can you trust even the strongest of MPs when faced with the Labour wip?
    The alternative is the Lib Dem guy, and we’ve only recently started hearing about him. He is keen on local education, and I say ‘amen’ to that – Reading’s local schools are uniformly amongst the worst in the country. I also prefer the overall stance of the Liberal Democrats in their approach to issues and campaigning: refreshing and positive.
    I may well try and track down our local Lib Dem guy’s e-mail today and ask him a few questions.
    So, until 7am tomorrow, I am still wavering. Oh, and I also intensely dislike this Blair attitude (actually I think I’m starting to intensely dislike Blair, which is very sad for me, considering the joy that was 1997) of ‘a vote for the Lib Dems is letting a Tory in’ – he may well have swayed me ‘the wrong way’.

  4. Well, I was going to vote LibDems, like I did in the previous election. But then our constiuency was on the news being a “marginal” between Labour and Conservatives, so Labour would have got my vote.
    However, I didn’t trust the postal voting system, again the news was all about the Birmingham scandal. Now I’m back at uni, this leaves me unable to vote… I think it’s a forgone conclusion that Labour will win though.

  5. Someone’s already been arrested in Bradford for suspected fraud. Apparently 12 people applied for a postal vote in his house…

  6. My choice is between Labour, Conservatives, LibDems, UKIP and Greens.
    I’m as likely to vote for the Greens as for UKIP i.e. it’s not going to happen.
    The Conservatives are even less likely to receive my vote. In fact, they’re the problem:
    By default rather than by any real conviction, I’d probably choose the LibDems. However, Labour’s local majority over the Tories was so slim in 2001 that I’m going to have to vote for Labour, in order to keep the Tories out. It’s a ‘lesser of two evils’ situation.

  7. I am sure many will disagree with me here, since I see many here will or already have voted LibDem, but I will be voting for Labour. I am in a sense glad that I will be voting for Labour. Many may question his integrity, especially concerning his stand and what he said that took us to war. I question his integrity, I am not sure whether he lied to us as a nation, and I am not sure whether we will ever know all that we can know about the war, but I am not letting that stop me.
    If we start questioning the integrity of each and everyone who stands for election I don’t think we as the general public should vote for anyone, but like many I strongly believe, that I should vote for my leader. I am not perfect neither is Blair. OK I am NOT saying its ok it lie, I am not saying that false testimony is OK either, what I am saying is that we in this country look at people as innocent until proven guilty. So until Blair is proven guilty, I will trust in his leadership.
    Leadership qualities is what I look for when I vote tomorrow. I believe that Blair has brilliant leadership qualities. I do not think that he led a negative campaign at all. Howard lead a campaign where everything he said and did was ‘against’ Blair – which was not political attack, but a form of personal attack. Labour as a whole is not perfect but neither is the LebDems. I want to vote for LibDems, my heart says vote for them, but my head knows that in the long run I have been better off up to now in many sense and Labour was in government.
    Yes I paid tuition fees, and I am paying off my loans, but I got my degree and I am prepared to pay back, because in the long run I know that my degree means more and I am financially better off. Yes, house prices have gone up, but interest rats have been record level low, I am now able to borrow and save/spend more. I am glad about the health system (its by no means perfect – and there are queues), and how it has worked out for me. I have a very young son, and I have not experienced anything bad in the way they help deliver him, and advice me, and when he is ill I can take him to the doctors without too much of a hassle.
    No one I believe is going to completely sort out the problems with drugs, the law, our education, our legal system, our pensions, our crime rate, our health service. The Tories, the LibDems or any other party cannot and will not be able to ‘fix’ it all, but I have experienced Labour for the last 8 years and I have seen a fairly good service… so I will vote for them, simply because its been tired and tested and it works….even if there are some holes in their policies.

  8. I’m actually quite excited (about politics, which is unusual) because apparently my constituency is fairly close (Cambridge). The lib dems have been spamming me with leaflets telling me that the student vote will be the deciding factor. There was a letter in the uni paper signed by the ex-president of the student union, as well as many other people in student politics last year, politely outlining how two-faced Ann Campbell (incumbent MP, Labour) was about top-up fees. Basically at the last election she said all the right things about not supporting top-up fees, then ummed and ahhed a bit, and then finally voted for them.

    As for where this leaves me, I’m not sure. I think I might well vote lib dem as I would like to see them do well overall, and it would be nice to push the tories a bit closer to being the third party.

    I guess I’ll find out tomorrow when I actually have to make my mind up.

  9. Well, []( told me that I agree with the Green Party the most, and then the Lib Dems, which seem to be in common with most of the views here, I think. I’m not sure if my constituency has a Green Party candidate or not, but I know our Lib Dem candidate is Serena Tierney.
    Now, if there *is* a Green Party candidate, that’s an interesting question. It seems that here the Lib Dems are close to catching up with the Conservatives. I don’t know how the Green Party are doing, but I’d guess that the two frontrunners are the Libs and the Tories. So would I vote for Green because of their views, or the Libs to help them win?
    It’s a tough one. Probably the Green Party, though. Of course, if we don’t have such a candidate I’ll go for the Lib Dems.

  10. Oh, I guess I should mention that my views above are for the local election. In the national I’ll be voting Green whatever.

  11. I intensely dislike the argument a few politicans have been using of ‘a vote for X is letting Y in through the back door’.
    The whole point of democracy is that you vote for the person you feel will best represent your interests in Parliament. Making everything a tactical choice undermines the point of having a vote in the first place. Everyone ends up voting for the lesser of two (or more) evils.

  12. My friend Lewis suggested adding an extra box at the bottom and writing NONE OF THE ABOVE next to it and putting a cross. Sounds good to me.

  13. Although it may be smart to vote for LibDems as they are more likely to get in and they’ll suffice for now, I shall be voting Green as I’ve never been one to compromise my beliefs for second best.

  14. Heh, I should have done more Green Party campaigning since all your readers seem fairly open to their policies 🙂
    Personally I’ll decide tomorrow morning whether to vote Green or none of the above. Either way I’ll definitely be going to vote shortly after the polling station opens – it’s in the oposite direction to both university and work.