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Skype on the go

Today I made another call using SkypeOut, but this time on my Dell Axim PDA using Skype for Pocket PC. Over a wifi connection in the university. And it actually worked!
It was somewhat inconvinient though. Although I own a headset, there’s no microphone socket on the device – you have to use the built-in microphone, which means holding the device up to your mouth and speaking into it like a walkie-talkie. So as well as being inconvinient, you also look quite stupid.
Then there’s the sound quality, which isn’t particularly great. It sounded like a mobile phone call when you’ve only got one or two bars – quite broken. But it was good enough for each person to be able to understand each other which was important.
It was also much cheaper. The call (about 4 minutes) would have cost me around 60p on my mobile, but instead it cost me €0.05 (about 3p). A pretty big saving.
I really doubt I’ll be using this all that afternoon, especially as I need to be in an area that has Wifi, but the potential money savings outweigh the inconviniences in my opinion.


  1. What about a bluetooth headset?

  2. Yeah, I could have used one if I owned one. Unfortunately they’re a bit expensive and my mobile phone doesn’t have Bluetooth so it’s a lot of money for something I wouldn’t really use.

  3. The cost saving is huge… and I bet that with a year or two of further innovation the quality will get a lot better. Talk about disruptive technology…